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Workplace Search

In 1988, the realization of a dream that LoRayne Logan had known since childhood came to fruition. workplace was established with the purpose of connecting quality people to quality companies for the greater fulfillment of both.

As the child of an entrepreneur, LoRayne always knew she wanted to build a business and began designing checks for that business at age 10. She found her passion when given the opportunity to join a staffing company where she spent seven years learning the industry from a strong manager with great connections.

Believing in work and the importance of work in people’s lives, LoRayne felt connected to the industry and knew she wanted to be a part of helping others find employment. She struck out on her own in 1988 and hasn’t looked back.

Her commitment to understanding the goals of employers and candidates serves as the focus of everything we do still today. We view our role to be that of a trusted advisor who takes the time to learn about a company and their specific needs in order to provide the best service.

We believe that we, as humans, affect each other profoundly, and it is the way we affect each other that determines our value to our organizations. We combine our 30+ years of success in recruitment, coaching, and consulting with a science and technology that predicts how a person will perform when collaborating to solve problems, overcome obstacles, and achieve common goals.