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TeamVue: The Business Intelligence-Powered Platform That Will Transform Your Organization

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“The core advantage of data is that it tells you something about the world that you didn’t know before.”~ Hilary Mason, data scientist and founder of Fast Forward Labs

TeamVue: The Business Intelligence Platform for Forward-Thinking Organizations

TeamVue is Opusuna's innovative business intelligence and data analytics platform. It harnesses the power of our award-winning, bias-free talent assessment and team-centric company building strategies. With TeamVue, you gain data and information about team effectiveness, individual performance, dynamics, and contributions. Identify team gaps, attract top talent, and streamline recruiting. Plus, unlock tailored leadership and improvement strategies for success.

How TeamVue Works:

1. Objective Understanding of Current Team Dynamics:
TeamVue's platform provides an objective and data-driven assessment of your current team's dynamics. By analyzing individual strengths, weaknesses, and collaboration patterns, the platform helps you gain valuable insights into your team's overall performance. Understanding these dynamics enables you to identify areas of improvement and recognize the team's unique talents.

2. Identifying Gaps and Ideal Roles:
With a comprehensive analysis of your current team, TeamVue identifies any skill gaps or areas where specific roles might be lacking. This information allows you to strategize and plan for future hiring needs effectively. By recognizing the ideal roles and behaviors required for open positions, you can ensure that new recruits complement and enhance the existing team's capabilities.

3. Crafting Customized Recruiting Strategies:
TeamVue's platform goes beyond standard recruitment practices. It empowers you to create customized recruiting strategies based on your organization's specific needs and goals. The insights gained from the assessment process enable you to design job descriptions and candidate profiles that align perfectly with your company culture and long-term objectives.

4. Integrating Current and Future Team Requirements:
By integrating both current team dynamics and future team requirements into the talent attraction and recruiting process, TeamVue ensures a cohesive and well-rounded approach. This integration helps you build a pipeline of potential candidates who possess the skills and qualities that match your organization's vision and values.

5. Empowering Organizations to Build Ideal Teams: TeamVue's platform provides organizations with the tools and knowledge to build teams that are tailor-made for success. By making informed hiring decisions based on data and insights, you can assemble high-performance teams that are not only productive but also cohesive and collaborative.

6. Maximizing Team Productivity and Efficiency: With a focus on building teams that perfectly fit your organization's needs, TeamVue enhances team productivity and efficiency. By eliminating potential mismatches and ensuring that team members are in roles that suit their strengths, the platform fosters an environment where each individual can thrive.

7. Enhancing Employee Engagement and Retention: TeamVue's approach to talent attraction and recruiting considers not only the qualifications of candidates but also their compatibility with the team and company culture. This attention to team fit enhances employee engagement and satisfaction, leading to higher retention rates and reduced turnover.

TeamVue's platform leverages objective team assessments and strategic recruiting strategies to help organizations build high-performance teams. By understanding current team dynamics, identifying gaps, and integrating future team requirements, TeamVue empowers organizations to make well-informed decisions that result in cohesive and successful teams.

TeamVue is powered by Opusuna's Role-based assessment:

  • Developed by behavioral scientists after 20 years of workplace observation and a decade of software development to be free of age, gender and cultural bias
  • The only innovation in teamwork strategy and assessment technology this century
  • Designed to help you make better choices, build solid relationships and high-performing teams

    Our founder, Marci, has successfully applied it for over ten years, solidifying its performance indicator's reliability and accuracy.

    This award-winning technology measures individuals':

    • Ability to overcoming obstacles
    • Solve problems
    • Work towards shared objectives

    How can Opusuna's Role-based assessment help you?

    Valuable Team Analysis

    Reveals the distribution of Roles, and behavioral and performance capability factors impacting the entire teams performance.
    With precise teeming analytics, you gain actionable insights to improve team dynamics, fostering positive change and maximizing team effectiveness.

    Leadership & Executive Coaching

    Opusuna's Role-based assessment makes it easy for coaches and mentors to design personalized coaching strategies and recommend action items that help leaders and executives develop greater self-awareness, collaboration abilities, leadership skills, and enhanced interpersonal interactions.

    Better Leadership Development

    Identify and develop diverse people to become leaders within your organization.

    Executive & Leadership Assessment

    From the top down objectively measure leadership and collaboration abilities of executives and leaders.

    Revamp Your Leadership & Talent Development Programs

    Get results with Opusuna's scientific teamwork strategy and objective technology-generated data. Leverage the expertise of our seasoned partners, comprising former Fortune 500 executives, HR & OD specialists, senior military leaders, business consultants, and career educators. Explore their tailored programs encompassing workshops, executive coaching, team assessments, and leadership & executive assessments for accelerated growth and success.

    We Have A Proven Track Record of Success

    If you're looking for a leadership development coaches who can create immense value for your company, look no further than us.

    Our certified partners service advising boards, CEOs, senior executives and up and coming leaders. Each partner is Certified by Marci Schnapp, widely regarded as a trailblazer, our partners have in-depth expertise in team-based assessments, team building, recruiting, leadership development, strategy, innovation, organizational design, and succession planning.

    Our certified partners excel because they harness the power of Opusuna's Role-based behavioral assessment and TeamVue platform. Whether you seek an experienced CEO, one-on-one coaching as a senior executive, a global coaching program our partners are ready and able to address your needs and deliver the most technology advanced, innovated, effective and efficient solution.

    Who They Coach?

    • Board of Directors
    • Individual Board Directors
    • C level & Entrepreneurs
    • Senior Executives
    • Leadership Teams & Teams at all levels
    • High Potential & Emerging leaders

    How They Coach

    • In-Person Coaching, Phone, Video
    • One-on-One & Group Coaching
    • Immersive On-Demand Coaching
    • Workshops & Facilitations