Marci Schnapp


Marci has over 20 years of experience in executive search & recruiting, talent acquisition strategy, coaching and consulting. She is the founder of TeamQuest Advisors, an executive search and consulting firm.

Opusuna Roles:

Vision Mover


Our Leadership

Marci Schnapp, CEO of Opusuna, is a business consultant, coach, recruiter, and executive search expert with over 20 years of experience, including 12 years of success using Opusuna. 

Marci's Opusuna Role is a strong Vision Mover & Founder focused on attracting, retaining, and developing people according to a company's requirements, values and culture. She can identify and encourage workers' talents and guide them well enough to ensure an organization's future. Beginning her entrepreneurial career in recruiting in 1998, Marci founded New Media Links recruitment + representation, followed by Xsearch - Executive Search for eBusiness and TeamQuest in 2010. 

TeamQuest was the first organization of its kind to use Opusuna data and methodology for Talent Solutions. After having great success in her executive search and consulting practice, she purchased Opusuna, in 2019, from behavioral scientists. 

Marci's organizations have consistently recruited high-performance talent working for clients such as Microsoft, World Vision, Dell, US Bank, Blacklidge Emulsions, AOL, Reliable Logistics, McCann, Leonardo Worldwide, and The Fertility Partners. Marci has proven reliable, ethical, and skilled in executive search, high-performance team building and coaching, team performance improvement, talent assessment, conflict diagnosis and resolution, and leadership development. 

Marci lives in Boca Raton, Florida, with her husband Ben and son Myles and their dog Oscar. Marci is a practitioner of Ashtanga yoga and Peloton enthusiast.

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