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Only Opusuna Can Tell You How A Person Will Work to Solve Problems & Achieve Common Goals

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Profile Picture of CEO, Marci Schnapp

Only Opusuna Can Tell You How A Person Will Work to Solve Problems & Achieve Common Goals

Marci Schnapp, Founder & CEO
Marci's Opusuna Roles are Strong Vision Mover and Founder. She is a business leader, consultant, coach, recruiter, and executive search expert with 25 years of experience and ten years of applying Opusuna's teamwork theory and bias-free talent assessment.

Throughout Marci's career, she has been on the cutting edge of technology and recruiting. Before Opusuna, Marci founded New Media Links recruitment and rep agency and TeamQuest Advisors; both organizations ran successfully for over ten years each; clients include Microsoft, AOL, Dell, McCann, US Bank, CIBC, and many more.

Today, Marci leads Opusuna's programs, partnering with consultants and organizations to recognize the opportunities and value that Opusuna provides in identifying and encouraging people's talents and guiding them to ensure an organization's future.


Shelley Lineham
Shelley is an Opusuna Vision Mover and Curator; she is also capable of filling the Role of Conductor. In addition, Shelley is a natural leader and coach with 25 years of expertise in leading large-scale transformation, technology delivery, and AI strategy initiatives.

Shelley's contributions include dedicating herself to ensuring an organization's work is done to the highest standards of quality to further the organization's vision. Furthermore, Shelley is versatile enough that she can evaluate both the impact and benefits of change processes as they take place in an organization. 

Shelley has held progressive positions in product and technology teams with global organizations and hypergrowth startups because of her unique and highly sought-after blend of business and technical understanding. In addition, Shelley creates strategic plans and leads technical implementation teams to deliver on business objectives successfully. 

Her decision to join Opusuna was a no-brainer after experiencing the value Opusuna delivers. Her team’s Opusuna report data helped Shelley quickly understand each member’s strengths; this enabled her to coach one-on-one and the team as a cohesive group, creating an environment for achievement.

Shelley holds a Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence from Queen's Smith School of Business. In addition, she has accreditations in AI strategy and machine learning implementation from the MIT Sloan School of Management and CSAIL and AI product management from Stanford Continuing Studies.  Her undergraduate degrees are in computer science and business.


Mitch Johnstone
Mitch is an Opusuna Strong Explorer. Mitch's strength lies in his ability to look ahead, see what is coming, and seek new possibilities and opportunities.

Mitch is a serial entrepreneur; all ventures, from start-ups to Fortune 100, need to interact with the outside world. Mitch is the person who is out in front, serving his team by being the scout. Mitch has proven himself as an organization's 'eyes and ears on the ground, bringing value to the team in many forms.

Mitch is skilled at leading and guiding teams through the dangers and opportunities outside the organization, especially looking ahead for about 2–5 years. While most of his teammates focus on their interests, which are basically inside the organization, Mitch pays attention to the broader world.

Mitch's team contribution is his knack for and ability to bring people what they need, even before they know they need it. Mitch has led teams in various industries, from commercial banking to the local fire department, as a Fire Captain.

Mitch joined Opuusna because, as a futurist, he recognizes the tremendous opportunity for organizations to use Opusuna to improve employee relationships and collaboration. Mitch understands that with Opusuna, he has identified a way to support people, attract and retain talent, and assure that the team has the necessary information and resources to support their activities.

Mitch holds an economics degree from the University of Calgary, is a CFA Charter holder, and has a Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence from Queen's University.


What our Awesome Clients Say

Marci has been instrumental in building our team. Before using Opusuna we spent countless hours sifting through and interviewing applicants to find the best one. With Opusuna, not only do we find the best candidates, but it saves us many hours of unnecessary interviews.

Lee Smith


The Opusuna report is a great tool that can be used to mentor and get the best results out of your teammates. This is the first assessment I have taken that I felt depicted my strengths and weaknesses. If you enjoy and value teamwork this is the tool needed to take you and your team to the next level.

Latasha D. McCullar, CSM, CHIEF

Vice President Operations

"I hired Marci in the capacity of a Business Advisor & Executive Search Consultant. Marci's unique value prop is her understanding and use of Opusuna assessment and Collaborative Team Structure a new formula for team building and executive search. We integrated Opusuna for an executive search and recruited top candidates for a critical position on my leadership team. I would recommend Marci in a heartbeat!"

Dr. Andrew Meikle

CEO, The Fertility Partners

Opusuna is an amazing tool for coaching and consulting that gives in-depth, objective insight into how people work on a team - what they're drawn to do and how they behave with others. I love using it for hiring and building a team and coaching individuals and managers.

Lynn Henderson


"I had the pleasure of working with and getting to know Marci since March 2013. Marci introduced me to Opusuna and proved to me that it is an imperative step in building coherent teams and professional relationships in the workplace. Completing the Opusuna exercise does take two important things: time and honesty; but the outcome of the exercise is absolutely phenomenal. I learned more about my skills, challenges, and work ethic by completing Opusuna than I did in all my years of working to date."

Tania Sheridan

Director & Partnership Development

"Marci is an outstanding communicator who always puts the client first. Marci has been a tremendous help in acquiring great talent. She dedicates the time required to make your company a success. She is selfless in her pursuit to find the right person for your company. Marci and her program Opusuna is truly about teamwork."

Dr. John F.K. Moore

Sr Systems Engineer Architect Principal

"Marci was the Recruitment Strategist, Sr. Recruiter, and Recruitment Team Lead, for the Elections Ontario Technology in the Polls (TiPS) project. I found her recruitment process highly efficient and effective because she leveraged technology. The process was seamless, and I hope Marci's practice is an example to other HR recruiters."

Wendy Quon

IT Project Manager

"We incorporated Opusuna into our recruitment and team-building process about two years ago and have had tremendous success with it. It saves us time and money by identifying people who will be a good fit for our jobs, teams, and the company culture as a whole. It helps me attract the best talent - a diverse group of people who want to BE part of our team and work with others whose actions are consistent and in alignment with our mission and goals."

Ashley Elliott-Fleming

Recruitment & Talent

"Meeting Marci was a significant milestone in my career! Her superpower is in ensuring a win-win for both stakeholders. Her secret sauce is being able to go beyond what is discernable in interviews alone. With Marci and Opusuna technology, I save time by being able to focus on the best candidates. I highly recommend this scientific and more modern way of building winning teams."

Yoli Chisholm


"Opusuna has now become an integral part of my hiring process. I support and encourage anyone to hire the right person to use Opusuna. I can no longer imagine hiring someone and hoping for the best – I want to know that I have already hired the best, and Opusuna helps me do this time and time again! I highly recommend this product for both small and large businesses alike."

Mariela Gonzalez

Business Manager

"Marci takes the time to listen to her stakeholders, understands their needs and expectations, and then works tirelessly to ensure she exceeds them. She is a knowledgeable resource in her field and understands the Media and Telecom industry very well. She understands what is required to succeed in this field and what companies are looking for."

Sumeet Khanna

Vice President, Business Transformation & Strategic Initiatives

"I will never create another business without using this tool. Employees in teams like these feel a greater sense of ownership, and want to stick around. Just give it a try one time, one single time. That's all you need to do."

Will Martin

Chief Operations Officer, Cushion Employment Services

"Opusuna to a company could be the same as IOS to your iPhone. It is an operating system that helps companies put the right people in the right seats on the bus and your off to achieve your goals. If your looking for ROI for your time & business, put your money on Marci. If you are ready to step up to the next level, Marci is your ticket. Marci helps companies operate at the highest level by bringing proven strategies and understanding of advanced high-performance teaming using Opusuna technology."

Brit Blacklidge

President & CEO

"Marci is a very experienced professional in the recruitment and contingent staffing area and has impressed me with her knowledge and innovative tools for screening candidates to ensure the best fit for an organization. I would not hesitate to turn to Marci and her team for professional recruitments."

Rob Martini

Area Procurement Manager