Stop Wasting Your Time Interviewing The Wrong People

Opusuna is the best talent and team assessment software. Identify your top candidates within an hour. Reduce risk make smarter decisions, and build outstanding teams.

Making the Best Decisions is Hard

Opusuna makes it easier by providing critical and bias-free information about people and teams that you can't get any other way. Use Opusuna before you interview, enter into partnerships, to build leadership teams, boards, merge or acquire, succession plan, do it all with confidence and efficiency.

Create a Team-Based Organization

Scientific, team-based approaches deliver diversity, synergy, and competitive advantage by creating and implementing solutions that stem from collaboration.

With Opusuna go from outdated and ineffective talent and organizational development models of subjective ‘individual performance’ to an effective and updated talent corporate development model based on bias-free, data-driven ‘team performance.’

Build a High-Performance Culture

Culture “fit” matters more than it should go beyond culture-fit; build a high-performance culture of diverse and engaged people working together to achieve common goals. Opusuna produces new information to align people's Roles with job responsibilities (Role-fit) and align positions on a team with the team's mission (Team-fit).

Work on the Right Team Grow as an Individual

We all want to put ‘the right people on the bus’ and sitting in the ‘right seats on the bus,’ including ourselves, but this is not an easy thing to do.

With Opusuna, the right people are the ones whose Role is a fit to the mission of the team. The right seat is where the job responsibilities are in alignment with a person’s Role.

Created by Scientists

In 1984, two behavioral scientists decided to answer the question, “What happens when people team together?”

After 30 years of work, including ten software development, Opusuna emerged from physics and systems theory, not from existing tools or methods.

'Raise The Bar' with Opusuna!

What our Clients say

We love people, and people love us.
If you are ready to step up to the next level Opusuna is your ticket. Using Opusuna helps companies operate at the highest level. Opusuna assessment to a company could be the same thing as IOS is to your iPhone. It is an operating system that helps companies put the right people in the right seats on the bus and your off to achieve your goals. So if your looking for ROI for your time & business, put your money on Opusuna.
Opusuna has now become an integral part of my hiring process. I support and encourage anyone that wants to ensure that they hire the right person to use Opusuna. I can no longer imagine hiring someone and just hope for the best – I want to know that I have already hired the best and Opusuna helps me do this time and time again! I highly recommend this product for both small and large businesses alike.
If you want to build a successful business, it starts with developing a deep understanding of how each team member connects, communicates, and collaborates to achieve a common goal — and Opusuna should be an essential first step. I would recommend using Opusuna to any business looking to grow their team with the right key players and find talent that truly fits their culture.
At first, I was skeptical about these tests and I've done others such as DISC, but this exercise and methodology was completely different, and more importantly, it works. Through the expertise of Marci and the Opusuna assessment, I've been able to find some great Rockstar’s for my organization.
I had the pleasure of working with and getting to know Marci since March 2013. Marci introduced me to Opusuna and proved to me that it is an imperative step in building coherent teams and professional relationships in the workplace. Completing the Opusuna exercise does take two important things: time and honesty; but the outcome of the exercise is absolutely phenomenal. I learned more about my skills, challenges and work ethic by completing the Opusuna assessment then I did in all my years of working to date. For the first time in my career I feel confident that I am working with the right team of people.
I recently hired Marci in the capacity of a Business Advisor, Opusuna tech & Executive Search Consultant. Marci’s unique value prop is her understanding and use of Opusuna assessment and Collaborative Team Structure a new formula for team building and executive search. We integrated Opusuna for an executive search and recruited top candidates for a critical position on my leadership team. I would recommend Marci in a heartbeat!
Marci is an outstanding communicator who always puts the client first. Marci has been a tremendous help with our company(Blacklidge) in acquiring great talent. She dedicates the time required to make your company a success. She is selfless in her pursuit to find the right person for your company. Marci and her program Opusuna is truly about teamwork.

Dr. John F. K. Moore

Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Marci Schnapp is a consummate professional and precise evaluator of human capital. Opusuna provides the appropriate diagnostic capability to anyone looking to evaluate current talent or introduce new talent into their organization.
I can thoroughly recommend Marci because of her innate ability to source the best talent, 20 plus years of experience in recruitment and talent management coupled with Opusuna technology. Marci has helped me with my own career and she has brought and is bringing the best talent to our organization situated in the highly competitive cutting edge Software as a Service (SaaS) world.
Over the years, Marci has provided me with invaluable advice, helping shape important decisions on my career journey. It's fair to say her council is part of the reason why I was able to become successful in choosing the right career path. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional in her approach to business, complemented with a delicate touch to make everyone feel welcomed and understood. I admire her optimism and outlook on team building.

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