“No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team.”Reid Hoffman co-founder and executive chairman of LinkedIn

How to Improve Poor Team Performance

At Opusuna, we understand that people dictate the success of a business. High-performing teams make up successful organizations. We also recognize that we must shift away from widespread outdated recruiting and hiring processes to be objective and bias-free.

Award-winning Opusuna is the ONLY advanced technology developed this century specifically to help you hire right by strategically constructing teams. Opusuna comes from years of behavioral research. Our clients are only successful if their team functions well, and we can deliver value to enable our clients to create and develop high-performing teams.

When working with other people, the keys to success are how well we' team' with them. The online Opusuna experience elicits, identifies, and organizes the different ways people seek to make team contributions.

Opusuna produces the #1 Performance Indicator: "How will a person perform when collaborating to solve problems, overcome obstacles, and achieve common goals."

By identifying and understanding underperforming teams, we can hire and design and coach teams for success.

The following list is an example of why teams perform poorly:

  • The team realizes the leader gained their confidence through deception rather than by demonstrating their integrity.
  • Team leaders favor some members at the expense of others.
  • The team realizes the leader wants to be the Big Cheese but doesn't want to pass anything down.
  • The team realizes their leader is over-ambitious leaders and unrealistic.
  • The leader has no clear vision or strategy for the team or organization.
  • Team members are viewed and treated like servants to their leaders.
  • Leaders demand the team work according to their standards but don't give the team the means to do so.
  • Team members' points of view are unacknowledged.
  • The team leader is unenthusiastic and doesn't have a positive attitude toward overcoming the challenges the team faces.
  • The leader treats organization resources as personal property and does not pass them on to those who need them.
  • Team members are unacknowledged and under-compensated by leaders who are stingy.
  • The leader won't accept new ideas and concepts or adapt them to the various problems.

Now with the help of Opusuna, you can hire better and design and coach teams for the win. Use Opusuna to have the No. 1 Performance Indicator; how will a person perform when collaborating to solve problems, overcome obstacles, and achieve common goals.

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