Break Societal Conditioning and Build High-Performing Teams

Over the past few years, women have made progress in leadership roles and started businesses in record numbers. It is an undeniable truth that many women have been conditioned to prioritize pleasing others and trusting others; this hinders our capacity to make the best decisions when it comes to hiring full-time employees and contractors, consultants, including lawyers, and accountants. Our lived experiences demonstrate that social expectations of us come at the cost of our being assertive and objective in our decisions.

As a female business owner and leader myself, I have experienced firsthand the challenges that arise from these conditioning biases. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to hear other female business owners and leaders express similar struggles. It is crucial for businesses and organizations to have high-performing teams in order to achieve success. Luckily, Opusuna offers an effective solution through its role-based assessment and TeamVue platform.

With the use of this tool, leaders can carry out objective assessments of individuals and make informed decisions when it comes to hiring—equipped with the necessary information to influence their teams, encourage them to further the organization's goals and safeguard their own best interests as well as those of the company. Opusuna empowers users to identify team players through objective evaluations, saving time, finding the best fit, and building high-performing teams.

Women are often conditioned to "people please" and trust others at the expense of making assertive and objective decisions. People-pleasing in women happens because of societal expectations, gender roles, and personal experiences. Societal expectations often dictate that women should be kind, compassionate, and nurturing, leading us to unconsciously put the needs of others before our own, even when it comes to making decisions.

Gender roles also play a role; women are often seen as caregivers and nurturers, while men are the leaders and decision-makers. Women often and unconsciously defer to men's judgment.

Opusuna's role-based assessment, which comes from a 25-year study of teamwork, identifies and organizes how people interact within teams. Opusuna's assessment is rooted in physics and systems theory, unlike other existing tools or methods, enabling the codification of practical elements of teamwork, collaboration, and leadership.

Overcoming Challenges

Opusuna's unique platform addresses women's conditioning and biases by providing the tools, knowledge, and strategies to build high-performing teams based on objective information.

Building Supportive High-Performing Teams

Opusuna focuses on critical elements that contribute to successful team dynamics: role, resilience, collaboration abilities, role respect, role-pairing, role fit, and team fit. By utilizing this information, women leaders can objectively evaluate individuals and assemble teams aligned with their organization's mission and goals. Opusuna empowers women leaders to overcome conditioning and biases, ensuring the construction of supportive and high-performing teams.

Actionable Insights and Recommendations

Opusuna's assessment reports provide personalized and actionable information for women leaders to coach their team members individually and the team as a whole. The reports include leadership coaching recommendations, self-coaching recommendations, and actionable items.

Applying information derived from Opusuna reports, women leaders can further develop their innate leadership skills and build high-performance teams.

The Benefits of Opusuna

By utilizing Opusuna, women leaders can enjoy a range of benefits in team building, including:

  • Objective Decision-Making: Opusuna enables women leaders to make accurate decisions, free from the influence of conditioning and biases.
  • Identifying Strengths and Gaps: Opusuna helps women leaders identify the strengths and gaps within their teams, enabling them to allocate resources and optimize team performance strategically.
  • Building Cohesive Teams: With Opusuna's insights, women leaders can assemble teams aligned with their organization's mission and goals, promoting cohesion and collaboration.
  • Effective Communication and Collaboration: Opusuna's recommendations facilitate effective team communication and collaboration, creating a positive and productive work environment.
  • Long-Term Success: By leveraging Opusuna's strategies and insights, women leaders can lay the foundation for long-term team success and sustainable growth.

This platform-as-a-service supports hiring managers, business owners, recruiters, and women leaders in assessing their existing teams and potential team members. Opusuna empowers women to be able to objectively make the best decisions for their teams, free from conditioning and biases. Research has shown the influence of societal expectations and gender roles on women's leadership behaviors, highlighting the need for tools like Opusuna to ensure objective decision-making.

If you are ready to build a high-performing team to help you achieve your goals, contact Opusuna today. Together, we can create a future where women leaders excel at building teams that drive success.