A Viable Future Depends on Collaboration

Opusuna is a behavioral assessment and organizational development formula that provides a new understanding of people's compatibility.

Opusuna's value is well beyond what personality and other processes or tests are capable of delivering. Opusuna makes hiring, succession planning, leadership development, team building and, all related activities easier, faster, accurate above all objective.

Level the Playing Field

If you are looking to level the playing field, you are in the right place. Opusuna singled out to be free of age, gender, and cultural bias because Opusuna measures what happens between people working together to achieve common goals. Integrating Opusuna into hiring, succession planning, and organizational development processes is a massive step towards creating a level playing field and a diverse organization.

Find, Recruit and Keep Good People

Knowing how a person intrinsically seeks to work with others is invaluable. Opusuna is the only way to measure how a person 'connects' to the team's needs: other people and the team itself as a living entity.

Identify, recruit and keep the best by selecting people based on their capacity to contribute, combined with other people's efforts to achieve successful results.

Proven Formula to Build High-Functioning Teams

From Boardroom to Mailroom, teamwork is critical in the workplace.  Opusuna help by giving you vital information about your most valuable assets; teams and the people on those teams.  Individuals may have credentials, charming personalities, and Ivy League educations, but team performance suffers if they don't work well with others.

Make Better Informed Decisions

Building a high-performance team is not intuitive. We assume that bringing on the best talent will maximize results. The mistake, however, is assuming that individuals with the best talent will work well with our team. Using Opusuna you can put people together to create the best results as a team, irrespective of individual talent levels.

Bad Hires are Costing You Money

The U.S. Department of Labor says the cost of a bad hire can reach up to 30 percent of the employee’s first-year earnings.
CareerBuilder says 74% of companies who made a poor hire lost an average of $15,000 per poor hire.
The Undercover Recruiter reports bad hires can cost $240,000 in expenses. Those are broken down into costs related to hiring, pay and retention.
75% of Employers Affected by a Bad Hire, According to a Recent Career Builder Survey.
77 % of hiring decision makers admit to recruiting the wrong candidate for a role according to a report from Robert Half.
80% of employee turnover stems from bad hiring decisions, according to the Harvard Business Review.

Change The Game

Opusuna is a paradigm shift giving you the #1 performance indicator "how an individual will perform both positively or negatively when collaborating to solve problems, overcome obstacles and achieve common goals."

Each assessment includes a Playbook and a Handbook

Opusuna Playbooks

Playbook reports are a concise overview of Role, Coherence, and TeamingCharacteristics, including management, leadership and coaching recommendations.

Opusuna Handbooks

Handbooks benefit the participant by providing a positive experience that enhances working on a team. In addition, the Handbook is for team building and team improvement initiatives, coaching team members, and conflict resolution.

Assess for Collaboration Because It's an Essential Competency

An Opusuna results database is a real-time visual overview of team data metrics, collaboration, coherence and contribution with easy to access reports.

Benefits of Opusuna

Accuracy pinpoint gaps on teams and get the right people in the right seats fast.
Competitive Advantage acquire in-demand talent and building high-performance teams with new relevant information.
Achieve Diversity by creating a bias-free recruitment process resulting in an inclusive and high-performance organization.
Save Time and Money; better information leads to more informed and better decisions.
Improve ROI by going from outdated talent models of subjective individual performance to an enlightened and objective talent model of data-driven team performance.

Teams are Better Than Talent

Opusuna is a new way to measure behavior on a team so you can invest in high-quality team players. As a result, reduce inherent risks by making better-informed choices.

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