Cover Image for Team Analysis, quoted with "Adapt or Die", highlighting the importance of reviewing and raising the score of team performance.
Role-based Team Analysis

—an unparalleled, objective, and fast way to measure the quality of team interaction and its fit-to-mission. Role-based Team Analysis is NOT derived from personality tests, engagement, EQ, Strengths surveys, or other familiar tools and methods. A Team Analysis pinpoints how each member works to solve problems, overcome obstacles, and achieve common goals formula for solving chronic issues and creating highly performing teams.

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Cover Image for "Recruitment and Hiring Decisions. Woman shaking hands with the team manager signifying her successful recruitment.
Recruitment and Hiring Decisions

Role-based assessment (RBA) is a valuable tool for organizations that want to hire and develop employees who can contribute to their success. It is a qualitative assessment that measures a person's ability to work effectively in teams, solve problems, and achieve goals.

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Cover image for "High-Performance Team Building. Picture of Team members with their fists in the air indicating successful team unity.
High-Performance Team Building

Today's workforce, especially high performers, want their work to be deeply connected to their core self and their reason for being. RBA reveals a person's true self by assessing their preferences for contributing to the needs of a team and how they connect with others. The experience identifies and organizes the elements of team interaction: Role, Coherence and Teaming Characteristics.

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Cover Image for "Leadership Development" A team leader standing in front his team members sitting down on a desk showing leadership.
Leadership Development

Unlock the power of RBA and Team Performance Analytics to become a better leader. RBA empowers leaders with unparalleled information to upgrade their hiring strategies and team development approaches, ultimately elevating performance across the board—whether it's at the individual, team, or organizational level. RBA and Team Performance Analytics serve as your trusted advisor in coaching individuals and nurturing cohesive, high-achieving teams.

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Cover image for "Conflict Resolution. A man with a slightly frustrated look with the desire to overcome the obstacle.
Conflict Resolution

Understanding team dynamics and individual behaviors can aid in resolving conflicts by identifying root causes and recommending actions for resolution or improved collaboration.

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Cover image for "Become a Better Team Player". A man looking over a woman's shoulder helping her with the situation at hand.
Become a Better Team Player

Taking the Role-based assessment is the key to enhancing your work as a team player. This personalized report reflects your unique abilities and how you can leverage them to make a more significant contribution to your team and receive greater rewards in your professional journey.

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Cover image for "Organizational Restructuring". A chessboard being played used as a metaphor for team members figuring out the next best steps.
Organizational Restructuring

Opusuna's platform empowers organizations to make informed, equitable, and efficient decisions during the restructuring process. With its data-driven insights and objective analysis, Opusuna provides a clear strategic roadmap for optimizing people, positions, responsibilities, and creating high-performance teams. This ensures that decisions are made with fairness and precision, leading to a streamlined and effective organizational transformation.

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Cover image for "Succession Planning". A slightly out of focused image of 3 team members discussing about plans.
Succession Planning

Opusuna's platform facilitates data-driven and informed decision-making in succession planning by assessing candidates' potential for specific positions and their compatibility with existing team members. This approach supports organizations in nurturing and promoting the most qualified individuals for leadership roles, ensuring smooth transitions and long-term success.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Opusuna's innovative technology is a game-changer for organizations striving to enhance diversity and inclusion. By assessing candidates' teamwork abilities and their resilience under stress, Opusuna empowers companies to select individuals who not only excel in their positions but also actively contribute to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace culture. This ensures that organizations make informed decisions in their hiring processes, promoting a harmonious, dynamic, and forward-thinking work environment.

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Cover image for "Increase Employee Engagement". 3 Team members in the back being engaged while 1 Team member is busy on her phone.
Increase Employee Engagement

Improve your organization's employee engagement with Opusuna. Our powerful platform, helps you identify and develop individuals who contribute positively to your workplace. Leveraging Opusuna's information and analytics, you will create a more engaged, motivated, and collaborative workforce, driving productivity and success to new heights.

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Cover image for "Project Team and Assembly and Design". 7 Team members sitting around a table actively working with each other.
Project Team Assembly and Design

Opusuna's platform facilitates efficient and objective project team formation and fosters cross-functional collaboration by meticulously assessing team members' fit for their job and their capacity to work cohesively to achieve project success."

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Cover image for "Performance Reviews". 2 women speaking to each other in front of a laptop. One is actively talking while the other is listening indicating a review.
Performance Reviews

Opusuna's insights can provide objective data for performance evaluations, ensuring fairness and accuracy in assessing individual contributions.

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Cover image for "Mergers and Acquisitions". A woman shaking a mans hand signifying a deal being sealed.
Mergers and Acquisitions

When integrating teams from different organizations, Opusuna aids in identifying the best ways to combine talents and foster collaboration.

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Cover image for "Talent Development". 5 team members standing near each other smiling.
Talent Development

By identifying individual strengths and alignment with roles, Opusuna assists in tailoring professional development plans.

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Cover image for "Entrepreneurial Team Formation. 5 Team members in front of a laptop demonstrating team forming.
Entrepreneurial Team Formation

Opusuna can guide entrepreneurs in building effective and complementary teams for startup ventures.

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Cover image for "Team Performance Coaching". A woman standing in front of her team members coaching them.
Team Performance Coaching

Opusuna's insights provide a foundation for team performance coaching, helping teams understand their dynamics, enhance collaboration, and achieve higher levels of success.

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Cover image for "Individual Career Coaching". A woman holding up a piece of paper teaching her team member.
Individual Career Coaching

Opusuna's insights can be leveraged to provide personalized career coaching, helping individuals align their strengths with their career paths and make informed decisions that enhance their professional effectiveness and collaboration within the organization.

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