The Opusuna Behavioral Assessment

Utilize our behavioral assessment to understand a candidate’s behavior, collaboration and personality traits, helping to predict and personalize their future job and team performance.

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Teaming is teamwork on the fly. It’s coordinating and collaborating with people across boundaries of all
kinds– expertise, distance, time zone, you name it
– to get work done.
-Amy C. Edmondson, Professor of Leadership and Management atHarvard Business School


10 + Years Proven Track Record of Improving Individual & Team Performance

• Opusuna's Role-based assessment is a new idea from decades of behavioral research. The Gabriel Institute(TGI) created Role-based assessment and had a team of psychologists who have spent over five years ensuring the concept. We're excited to share this innovative new tool with the world!

• Personality assessments and interviews focus on individual characteristics versus Opusuna's focus on how people contribute and collaborate with others. It's crucial to measure a combination of factors to predict workplace behavior styles and identify the degree to which people are likely to make a positive contribution at a job, on a team, and within an organization.

• Unlike older personality assessments or conducting countless interviews, Opusuna focuses on job present requirements and teamwork instead of personality traits and individual strengths. Opusuna is validated and is 95% accurate.

• TGI developed the "Role-based assessment" to address the need for an accurate way to predict how people will work on a job and in a team.

Opusuna objectively answers the age-old question of
how do we fit within an organization?

Role preference is an individual's self-image as a team member, how they make decisions, what drives them and how they interact with others.

Opusuna captures information on a person's behavior during 3 levels of our interaction and collaberation.

1.  By observing our behavior;

2.  By asking us to talk about our behavior and;

3.  By understanding the symbolic meaning of our behavior.

Validation of TGI's method

Validation is based on the use of the assessment for hiring, selection, and job promotion with hundreds of employees in organizations in the US, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

TGI's Role-based assessment, now called Opusuna, proved successful in predicting behavior unbiasedly, regardless of cultural influences.

At first, I was skeptical about these tests and I've done others such as DISC, but this exercise and methodology was completely different, and more importantly, it works. Through the expertise of Marci and the Opusuna tool, I've been able to find some great rockstars for my organization. Jeremy Choi - Partner & CEO, LPS Athletic Centre