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Julie Hsu Coaching & Consulting

Julie Hsu Coaching & Consulting

Julie is an unwavering and certified professional coach specializing in Energy Leadership, Career Transition, and Life Coaching, with a mission to empower immigrants and faith-driven entrepreneurs to unlock their potential. With a solid commitment to professionalism, integrity, and accountability, Julie seamlessly collaborates with stakeholders across all levels. Her dedication to quality work ensures that she meets her client's needs with the utmost care.

Valuing privacy and confidentiality, Julie creates a safe and inclusive environment that embraces diversity, allowing her clients to thrive. As a trusted expert, she boasts extensive experience in training, teaching, career services, recruiting, coaching, and consulting. Over the past decade, Julie's international training and teaching background has impacted thousands of professionals in Canada, guiding them successfully toward their job search goals through career coaching and employment counselling.

Julie's recruiting expertise spans various industries, including IT, healthcare, accounting, financial services, retail, production, sales and marketing, logistics, engineering, legal services, and hospitality. Her track record in placing unemployed and under-employed individuals is consistently remarkable, achieving success rates ranging from 120% to 160%.

Beyond coaching and recruiting, Julie excels in planning and organizing job fairs and hiring events. As a skilled facilitator, she conducts workshops and sessions on various topics such as career transition, stress reduction, resilience, job search strategies, confidence-building, self-care, and networking.

With her credentials and achievements, Julie is a trusted expert for personal and professional fulfillment, always upholding integrity, diversity, and confidentiality. Julie invites you to embark on an empowering journey if you seek career clarity, transformation, or purpose in life.