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If you're looking to build teams to help you achieve your goals, you need to look no further. We have the platform, data, process, strategy, and execution items proven to work.

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We're excited to share that our newest tool, Opusuna TeamVue, is available today!

Why? Every day, companies are frustrated with existing talent assessment tools because they are time-consuming, costly, and highly subjective. In addition, they lack a proven scientific team-building strategy and no way to assess or measure teamwork ability or role.

Only Opusuna’s team and role-based assessment provides leaders with the future of leading teams and getting stuff done. A new methodology called Collaborative Team Structure and Team Performance Analytics is generated by Opusuna’s assessment technology.

Opusuna is cutting-edge software that was created by behavioral scientists in 2009. It reveals the #1 Performance Indicator: “How will a person perform when collaborating to solve problems, overcome obstacles and achieve common goals.” Opusuna is NOT derived from personality, Engagement, EQ, or ‘Strengths’ surveys but from years of workplace observation and development by behavioral scientists.

We offer several programs and can customize our programs to meet your needs.

Top Team Effectiveness

An analytical and data-driven approach to drive better individual and team performance

Leadership & Executive Coaching

Maximize ROI by taking an analytical and data-driven approach to coaching Boards, CEOs, and leaders at all levels.

Leadership Development

Discover and develop more leaders within your organization using a modern bias-free assessment and leadership and team development program

Executive Assessment

Assess the talent and performance of your executive leadership team

If you're looking for a leadership development program that can sustain your business and adapt to its changing needs, our leadership development program is precisely what you need.  Opusuna assessment technology and team-building strategy power our program and platform. This means it consistently produces role and team-based metrics and strategies across the board to deliver sustainable business value and ROI. You won't find a better, more forwarding thinking and innovative leadership development program anywhere else!

As a leading executive coaching company, we work with your team to deliver custom programs comprised of leadership development workshops, executive coaching, team coaching, team assessments, and leadership & executive assessments. Our world-class leaders with experience applying and executing Opusuna’s assessment tech and strategy will guide you, including former Fortune 500 executives, HR & OD specialists, senior military leaders, management consultants, and career educators.

If you want to create a thriving organization that can weather any storm, you need to partner with us. We'll help you identify and cultivate engaged and fair leaders who know how to get the best performance out of a team.


If you're looking for leadership development coaches who can create immense value for your company, look no further than us. We have a proven track record of success.

Our global executive coaching practice offers services focused on advising boards, CEOs, senior executives and up and coming leaders. Led by Marci Schnapp, widely regarded as a trailblazer, our coaches have in-depth expertise in team-based assessments, team building, recruiting, leadership development, strategy, innovation, organizational design, and succession planning.

The reason we are the best equipped is because we are powered by Opusuna’s behavioral assessment and execution strategy, combined with our coaches' depth and breadth of experience. Whether you are a CEO in need of an experienced advisor, a senior executive looking for one-on-one coaching, a CHRO looking to design a global coaching program, or a board searching for composition, succession, or governance. We have the technology and strategy to address your needs and help solve your problems.

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Who We Coach?

• Board of Directors
• Individual Board Directors
• CEOs & Entrepreneurs
• CXOs & Senior Executives
• Executive & Leadership Teams
• High Potential & Emerging Leaders

How We Coach?

• In-Person Coaching, Phone, Video
• One-on-One & Group Coaching
• Immersive On-Demand Coaching
• Workshops & Facilitations
• Leadership Team Development

Executive Behavioral Assessments

Opusuna was co-created by behavioral scientists in 2009 after 20 years of R & D and ten years of software development.  Only Opusuna is bias-free and reveals the # 1 Performance Indicator: “How will a person perform when collaborating to solve problems, overcome obstacles and achieve common goals.” Opusuna is new, the only assessment created this century, and that is NOT derived from personality factors data, from Engagement, EQ, or ‘Strengths’ surveys, or any other familiar tools or methods.

Only Opusuna produces Team Performance Analytics which are the keys to understanding the “who” and “why” for selecting the best person for the job, organization, and building high-performance teams and organizations.

We deliver ROI by taking people from a talent model of subjective ‘individual performance’ to an enlightened forward-thinking talent model of objective data-driven ‘team performance.’

Right person. Right role. Better Team Every time.

Make the best hiring decision for any role using. Team Performance Analytics with Opusuna — a forward-thinking Pre-employment testing tool.

Hire the right candidates before you lose them.

Avoid wasting time and money on bad hires, especially when it comes to leaders and executives; the stakes are high, and the interview process is long and drawn out.

You need a competitive advantage and a way to identify the best person for the position and team efficiently and accurately. Whether you have one, fifty, or three hundred, Opusuna gives you and your applicants the information confidence to make the right decision faster.