Qualities of Highly Effective Team Players in any Field

Organizations of all sizes now recognize the need to hire people who fit into the team and who will maximize their efforts and the efforts of their team members. The formula for building high-performance teams is qualifications, experience, and how people will fit together.

The typical career development model identifies tasks, skill sets, and personality traits these are becoming a thing of the past as organizations hone in on a much greater need…


When writing a resume or updating your LinkedIn profile, remember that we can only count on someone to spend twenty seconds scanning it before deciding whether to review it further or put it aside. Remember to answer the question: "What makes you a team player?"

Compelling resumes and LinkedIn profiles demonstrate our understanding of organizational needs. Resumes and LinkedIn profiles stand out from those who have identified the specific job they want and their role on a team or in an organization. Equally important is that we articulate how we will collaborate with others, contributing to a veritable creativity machine that adds value—synergy—to the organization.

The Opusuna assessment measures our natural desire to serve team needs and how we collaborate. In addition, the Opusuna exercise uncovers our blind spots; if we want to grow and improve, we need to know what they are. Using Opusuna is a genuinely effective and efficient personal improvement tool. Most people finish the exercise in less than an hour.

Opusuna measures our Role in a team when a group of people form a team with goals and objectives; that organization will often, as some might say, "take on a life of its own." When this happens, something deep inside us causes us to want to serve the team's needs, such as by planning for the group's future, preserving knowledge and information about the group, or performing essential tasks that maintain its existence. Opusuna's Role-based approach measures this attraction to serving group needs and is called Role. Our Role tells us what kind of work we will find satisfying and what we will be good at.

There are ten universal needs that all organizations have. For some people, their desire to serve is their life's mission. For others, it is less of a quest but no less critical. We are more productive when we are engaged in work aligned with our Roles.

Opusuna reports describe in detail what makes a person a team player…

·     Role, from the 10 Universal Roles

·     Role Partner who can help you do your work better

·     Tools Associated with their Role, to help achieve goals

·     Teaming Characteristics, peoples qualities and how we can bring more value to a team

·     Self-Development Suggestions, with or without the help of a coach or mentor

When we learn to do our Role even better than we do now, we can contribute even more to our team. Some of us serve in more than one Role, and if this is true for you, the other Roles will be identified and described.

Whether we own a business or work in one, collaboration is essential to our success. Our satisfaction and productivity depend on our ability to work well with others.

The more we know about ourselves and how to do what we do best, the more we will enjoy our lives.