Opusuna a new way to solve problems

In business, problems inevitably arise. While these problems can come in many forms, such as financial issues, supply chain disruptions, or technical challenges, at their root, they all relate to issues with the people involved. Here are the interrelated ways that business problems are ultimately issues with people:

  1. Lack of collaboration: Problems arise when people don't work together.
  2. Poor leadership: When leaders don't have the skill set or inclination to effectively set direction, provide guidance, or create a positive work culture, it can lead to problems within the organization.
  3. Misaligned goals or priorities: When people within a business have different goals or agendas, it can lead to conflicts and problems.
  4. Communication breakdowns: Poor communication is often at the root of business problems. People must be able to communicate effectively with each other to avoid misunderstandings, errors, and misaligned efforts.

Problems ultimately relate to issues with the people involved. Organizational success requires people with a combination of behaviors and practices, not just personalities or strengths, that align with the individual team and organizational success.

Opusuna is unlike personality tests or other well-known evaluations. Opusuna's is a one-of-a-kind assessment that objectively and accurately measures people's behaviors and practices.

This list is gathered from the Opusuna results of top leaders and team members:

  • Have good respect for people and thus build an environment that enhances their sense of self and professional commitment to the team and the organization.
  • Is both ambitious and can achieve their ambitions
  • Knows that leadership is complex and not always a matter of compromise.
  • Able to think globally, including developing plans and efficiently integrating resources.
  • Appropriately undertake the process of making the most critical changes when needed, acting with determination even in the face of adverse reactions from others.
  • Actively want to seek out and overcome challenges that will benefit the organization.
  • Make excellent decisions that demonstrate superb agility and a willingness to take calculated risks to get the best results.
  • Have an inner drive and determination to exceed the performance targets and seek excellence in everything they do.
  • Lead projects and manage processes effectively, including influencing people constructively, even those who differ in their thinking and customs.
  • Make excellent decisions that demonstrate superb agility and a willingness to take calculated risks to get the best results.
  • Easily make room for questions to be considered and new ideas and alternatives to be evaluated by the team.
  • They are satisfied with their job and takes responsibility for their actions, showing energy and a willingness to mobilize their resources.
  • Able to easily persuade others, have a substantial impact on them and mobilize them effectively to advance the organization's purposes and guarantee the organization's as well as their own best interests.
  • Can communicate and negotiate effectively with all kinds of organizations and in most areas where the company operates without the need to impose a rigidly hierarchical authority that strangles effective operations.
  • Strive to promote and maintain quality in the organization's processes by studying ongoing trends and adopting the best practices they become aware of.
  • Able to plot the overall course for the business, guiding it in the path that will reap the most significant rewards for everyone concerned.

Individuals and teams succeed when we start by objectively identifying and cultivating people with these behaviors and practices through Opusuna.