Forward-Thinking Team Building + The Value of Opusuna's Role-Based Assessment and TeamVue Platform

Hiring and quickly building stronger, more diverse and agile teams is paramount in today's competitive business landscape. Using an innovative technology is the only way to do this.

Opusuna's Role-based assessment is a groundbreaking technology that predicts if and how people collaborate. By considering factors such as a person's teamwork Role - a Role is one of 10 universal team needs and an ability to give and receive communication. Role-based assessment helps you identify the best candidates for a given position and team at every level.

Here's a case study from a company that achieved remarkable improvements in its hiring process, team cohesion, and overall business success.


The company faced a familiar challenge: it needed to build a high-performing team to support its rapid growth and unique business model. However, they encountered several obstacles on this journey. Their industry had a limited talent pool, and finding individuals aligned with their distinctive approach proved complex. Additionally, their remote and rugged production sites added to the hiring challenges.

As the company expanded, they recognized the need for precise execution and close collaboration within their teams. Unfortunately, their initial hiring efforts were not yielding the desired results. The turnover rate was unacceptably high, and they needed help to build cohesive teams that could drive their growth.


The company learned about RBA and decided to give it a chance. Their first step was to use RBA to assess their existing operations team. The results were strikingly accurate, revealing both strengths and areas for improvement.

Encouraged by the initial results, the company began using RBA in the hiring process. They quickly realized that RBA was a game-changer. By considering 'teaming' characteristics, they were able to identify candidates who were not only qualified for the role but also a good fit for the team and the organization's culture.


After adopting RBA, the company experienced remarkable improvements in its hiring process, team cohesion, and overall business success. The company has made consistently high-quality hires in the two years since implementing RBA, and the turnover rate has dropped to zero.

The company's teams are more cohesive and productive than ever before. Employees feel more valued and supported and are more engaged in their work. As a result, the company has seen significant growth and success in recent years.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you can identify how a person will ‘team’ with others, you have the missing piece of the ‘right people/right seats’ equation.
  • Prioritizing the Right Team Players: Organizations can identify and hire people aligned with the job and the team's mission and culture by measuring' collaboration characteristics/factors.
  • It Doesn’t Matter if it’s New or Disruptive: This is the kind of necessary disruption.


The success of this company's RBA implementation provides valuable insights for HR professionals and consultants who want to help their clients with better hiring processes and improved team performance:

  • Look beyond conventional criteria: Consider 'teaming' factors when evaluating candidates.
  • Prioritize the right fit: Focus on finding individuals who are, above and foremost, team players.

This is a compelling example of how innovative tools like Opusuna's Role-Based Assessment & TeamVue platform can transform hiring practices and drive business success. Organizations can reduce turnover, build cohesive teams, and achieve their goals by considering' teaming' characteristics and prioritizing the right fit.