Behavioral Interviewing: an Oxymoron?

Behavioral interviewing is a huge contradiction and is what employers think they can do to accurately assess a candidate's suitability for a job, team, and company.

The idea behind a behavioral interview is an illusion. It's foolish to think that asking someone questions about their past behavior and trying to understand, interpret, score, or project their answers will indicate their future success in a job on a team or in an organization.

Interviewing relies heavily on self-reported information from the candidate. This information is never 100% accurate. Candidates oversell and undersell themselves all the time, and the questions used in these behavioral interviews are usually leading and influence the candidate's responses.

Behavioral interviewing assumes people's behavior is consistent. People's behavior changes over time and circumstances for various reasons, such as personal growth, job changes, and life experiences. A person's behavior in one job does not indicate how they will behave in another, working with different people and teams and facing other demands and expectations.

While behavioral interviewing is popular, it wastes time for employers and candidates. Instead of behavioral interviewing, use Opusuna's behavioral assessment to get the #1 performance indicator: "How will a person perform when collaborating to solve problems, overcome obstacles, and achieve common goals"

Opusuna comes from physics and systems theory; methods are based on a unified field theory of how people operate in their world. The online experience elicits and measures person-to-person (P2P) and person-to-team (P2T) behavior.

Benefits of using Opusuna

•Invest ONLY in high-quality team players

•Reduce inherent risks – by making better-informed choices

•Reduce turnover, recruitment & training costs

•Accurately identify and fill gaps in teams

•Gain a reliable, objective and sustainable talent assessment process

•Create teamwork in project teams, production teams, sales & service teams and all teams

• Power up every aspect of your business; leadership, recruitment, engagement productivity, service, quality

•Create profitable, progressive, diverse and team-centric organizations

•Resolve conflicts and reduce workplace stress